I’ve always loved dogs but “Dog Deprived” for a long time since most of my life we grew up in condominiums that didn’t allow pets. When I finally had my chance, I
researched on getting a “perfect dog”.

But I saw problems in traditional training. So I dove into intensive study, research and experimentation.

What I learned worked for my dogs and also for my friend’s dogs. So  I created a blueprint for dog owners and offered it to the public.

More than 30 cases from 2009 -2013 with exceptionally high success rate for “fixing” highly aggressive and misbehaving dogs without resorting to K9 style training.

Ive since trained Beagles, Sibes, Rotts, GSDs, Labs, Golden Rets, Cockers, Boxer, Shi Tzus, JRTs, Poodles, Great Danes